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304 puzzles tagged color

Kaleidoscopic Pattern25Kaleidoscopic PatternPalm Springs Cottage25Palm Springs CottageHandcrafted Miniature Houses16Handcrafted Miniature HousesDerivative Discovery25Derivative DiscoveryPervasive Stripes25Pervasive StripesColorful Houses of Balat25Colorful Houses of BalatStained Glass Flowers16Stained Glass FlowersAcrylic Rods30Acrylic RodsThe Eyes Have It4The Eyes Have ItPieces of Life before they're put together4Pieces of Life before they're put togetherAbstract Fireworks16Abstract FireworksPerth, Australia25Perth, AustraliaRooster Painting16Rooster PaintingFractal Design Effect25Fractal Design EffectPencilrama25PencilramaIn Retrospect16In RetrospectGeometric Painting25Geometric PaintingFlower Power16Flower PowerGood Intentions25Good IntentionsFor Hendricks who loves baby pugs9For Hendricks who loves baby pugs