janice 384×
tulsa7035 379×
color 265×
colorful 256×
rainbow 201×
jaynie 143×
collage 121×
abstract 114×
fantasy 100×
art 94×
folk 89×
animals 87×
beautiful 83×
pretty 80×
fractal 73×
cat 70×
cute 54×
flowers 54×
house 49×
architecture 48×

94 puzzles tagged art

Hand Painted16Hand PaintedAlong the Way30Along the WayTufted Flower16Tufted FlowerThe Getaway Landscape30The Getaway Landscape11 of the brightest2511 of the brightestFarm Life30Farm LifeCloth Covered Buttons25Cloth Covered ButtonsLeaf me alone4Leaf me aloneRose Dream Cake25Rose Dream CakeCat Art16Cat ArtColor Channeling by tulsa703525Color Channeling by tulsa7035Into Oblivion25Into OblivionZarella25ZarellaTender Moments25Tender MomentsGlimpse of the Garden30Glimpse of the GardenCape Jewell Lawn Painting25Cape Jewell Lawn PaintingTowers and Turrets25Towers and TurretsGlitzy36GlitzyAbstract Windmill25Abstract WindmillZentangle Art25Zentangle Art