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Christmas merry-go-round at Frankfurt on Main in Germany24Christmas merry-go-round at Frankfurt on Main in GermanyChristmas sweets20Christmas sweetsEuropean Christmas candy hearts24European Christmas candy heartsChristmas figurine collection35Christmas figurine collectionChristmas tree ornaments24Christmas tree ornamentsSanta Claus collection20Santa Claus collectionPinecones and gift tags35Pinecones and gift tagsNutcracker collection28Nutcracker collectionGingerbread house42Gingerbread housegolden ornament49golden ornamentbird ornaments49bird ornamentsChristmas mantle decoration63Christmas mantle decorationMelted snowman cookies24Melted snowman cookiesChristmas rose (helleborus)42Christmas rose (helleborus)winter lighthouse80winter lighthouseSnowman pyramid54Snowman pyramidGrinch cake36Grinch cakeChristmas Sparklies42Christmas SparkliesChristmas puppies35Christmas puppiesChristmas ornaments63Christmas ornaments