quilts 371×
sewing 176×
interior 172×
crafts 121×
christmas 106×
vintage 96×
decor 93×
autumn 75×
antiques 72×
kitchen 71×
quilt 61×
interiors 47×
cats 44×
porch 43×
rustic 40×
country 38×
houses 38×
rooms 36×
bedroom 35×
mini 33×

72 puzzles tagged antiques

Civil War quilt192Civil War quiltsilla monterrey antigua192silla monterrey antiguacirca 1880s basket quilt204circa 1880s basket quiltantique star quilt192antique star quiltantique quilt192antique quiltcountry bedroom192country bedroompurple mini quilt192purple mini quiltantiques192antiquesquilt on a shelf195quilt on a shelfEarly American room192Early American roomJo Morton quilt192Jo Morton quiltscrappy star quilt192scrappy star quiltthe night before Christmas204the night before Christmasmason jars and oil lamps190mason jars and oil lampsapple butter210apple butterantique 1880's doll quilt192antique 1880's doll quiltprimitive antiques204primitive antiquesrhapsody in blue196rhapsody in blueAmericana calendar196Americana calendara basket of daffodils192a basket of daffodils