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angel160angelsadness150sadnessart190artBlue Gazebo120Blue GazeboFantasy in the tent126Fantasy in the tentFamily time of wolves108Family time of wolvesHope of butterflies110Hope of butterfliesWinter princess110Winter princessColorful autumn120Colorful autumnSpirit of summer120Spirit of summerSilent110SilentTemptation120TemptationMajestic autumn120Majestic autumnChange of season108Change of seasonwindow-to-beauty120window-to-beautystill-life-tea-and-biscuits117still-life-tea-and-biscuitsMagnolias on Blue Velvet170Magnolias on Blue VelvetHamburger Haven180Hamburger HavenGolden Retrievers180Golden RetrieversFox Hollow180Fox Hollow