I didn't make any of the art used. I'm not that skilled.


anime 349×
star trek 166×
movie 123×
tv 109×
spock 99×
sailor moon 87×
kirk 84×
pokemon 67×
vocaloid 62×
bones 59×

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Yuri.Plisetsky.full.2055835300Yuri.Plisetsky.full.2055835Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2056982300Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2056982Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2056581300Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2056581Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2054177300Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2054177Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2051886300Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2051886Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2046000300Yuri!!!.On.Ice.full.2046000Funny Story300Funny StoryIn Every Reality300In Every Realityidk by this point lecter being telepathic wouldn’t even be surpr300idk by this point lecter being telepathic wouldn’t even be surprGem Chicken289Gem Chicken

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