Welcome! This collection of pictures is here so you can enjoy some of the beautiful things in creation. These puzzles are a way to take a virtual vacation; & working them helps me relax. Many of the most beautiful images are older, so be sure to browse my albums. Some pictures are best worked in Full Screen mode because of the image size. Also, you can choose the "Play As" arrow & then at bottom, "Custom(Cut)" to Modify the Shape & Number of Pieces. Enjoy!


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Tea with her Favorite Bear8Tea with her Favorite Bear"High Tea" in the Garden6"High Tea" in the GardenKimi Werner-Hitching a Ride with a Great White15Kimi Werner-Hitching a Ride with a Great WhiteCinderella Carousel Horse12Cinderella Carousel HorseBeautiful Colors-Fall in Aspen Colorado12Beautiful Colors-Fall in Aspen ColoradoNatural Sunset-Camping in Arizona8Natural Sunset-Camping in ArizonaReally? Too Tired to Make it to Bed?!12Really? Too Tired to Make it to Bed?!Sealife London Aquarium-Scuba Diver Maintaining Tank12Sealife London Aquarium-Scuba Diver Maintaining TankStunning Sunset-Big Sur, California15Stunning Sunset-Big Sur, CaliforniaArabian Training for Endurance-in Bitless Hackamore20Arabian Training for Endurance-in Bitless Hackamore


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