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Why are you taking my picture??300Why are you taking my picture??I need a nap300I need a napWelcome to my Home300Welcome to my HomePlaytime300PlaytimeXmas Baby300Xmas BabyPuppy Lights300Puppy LightsCool Pooch300Cool PoochPuggly Sweater300Puggly SweaterI may have played too much..300I may have played too much..I am thinking of important things300I am thinking of important thingsNaptime!300Naptime!Run Boy Run300Run Boy RunThere's Room for More!300There's Room for More!Cute Boy300Cute BoyHug tha Doggo300Hug tha DoggoLazy Sundays300Lazy SundaysIf I Fits, I Sits300If I Fits, I SitsOh Hi Hi!300Oh Hi Hi!:P 2300:P 2Taking a Break300Taking a Break