tree 865×
flower 801×
sky 586×
house 513×
dog 347×
garden 310×
art 272×
cottage 239×
winter 237×
mountains 201×
grass 188×
snow 176×
castle 168×
lake 168×
cat 167×
water 163×
puppy 159×
painting 147×
flowers 146×
basket 143×

310 puzzles tagged garden

'Winter Garden' by Trevor Mithell24'Winter Garden' by Trevor Mithellcottage in English garden28cottage in English garden'New England Spirit' by Sherri Crabtree28'New England Spirit' by Sherri Crabtree'Peaceful Song' by James Lee30'Peaceful Song' by James Lee'Cottage' by Marty Bell30'Cottage' by Marty Bellchateau in Burgundy, France30chateau in Burgundy, Francehouse among the trees35house among the treesautumn house35autumn houseVillandry castle40Villandry castleautumn garden decoration24autumn garden decorationEnglish country cottage32English country cottageflowers24flowersstone country house35stone country houseCawdor Castle35Cawdor Castlewhite cottage35white cottagebeautiful place at the foot of the  moutains30beautiful place at the foot of the moutains'Lady in a Garden' by  Edmund Blair Leighton30'Lady in a Garden' by Edmund Blair LeightonKyoto-Garden35Kyoto-Gardengarden cascade28garden cascade'Cottage' by Kent R. Wallis35'Cottage' by Kent R. Wallis