tree 865×
flower 801×
sky 586×
house 513×
dog 347×
garden 310×
art 272×
cottage 239×
winter 237×
mountains 201×
grass 188×
snow 176×
castle 168×
lake 168×
cat 167×
water 163×
puppy 159×
painting 147×
flowers 146×
basket 143×

272 puzzles tagged art

'Winter Round'  by Trevor Mitchell30'Winter Round' by Trevor Mitchellbirds' heaven20birds' heaven"Chestnut Horse- unfinished" by Lucy Kemp-Welch24"Chestnut Horse- unfinished" by Lucy Kemp-Welch'Winter Garden' by Trevor Mithell24'Winter Garden' by Trevor MithellFestive skaters30Festive skaters'Moon Shadows' byJerry Gadamus28'Moon Shadows' byJerry GadamusCentral-park-in-winter-currier-ives-everett28Central-park-in-winter-currier-ives-everett'A Village Wedding' by Steve Crisp30'A Village Wedding' by Steve Crisp'Sleigh Ride' by Alfred Wierusz Kowalski35'Sleigh Ride' by Alfred Wierusz Kowalskimill in winter20mill in winterThe-old-garage-steve-crisp28The-old-garage-steve-crispSleighs arriving at the inn24Sleighs arriving at the inn'Old Faithul' by Terry Redlin20'Old Faithul' by Terry Redlin'Cold Morning' by George Henry Durrie24'Cold Morning' by George Henry Durrie'Winter Oasis' by Chuck Pinson24'Winter Oasis' by Chuck Pinson'Dogs and Sleigh' by Wierusz-Kowalski24'Dogs and Sleigh' by Wierusz-KowalskiThe Warmth of Small Town Living' by Chuck Pinson30The Warmth of Small Town Living' by Chuck Pinson'Pleasures of winter' by Terry Redlin24'Pleasures of winter' by Terry Redlin'Hayride' by Ted Blaylock24'Hayride' by Ted Blaylock'The Poet's Cottage' by Dominic Davison30'The Poet's Cottage' by Dominic Davison