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50 puzzles tagged art
Tags to specify: +muted +unique +silly +sculpture +creative +sand +macro +picture

Guitar Island48Guitar IslandTrue Water Melon32True Water MelonIs it red or orange?35Is it red or orange?Lone leaf24Lone leafShakespeare and Co.35Shakespeare and Co.Street Signs35Street SignsPALACE de VERSAILLES35PALACE de VERSAILLESSchool's Out35School's OutStairs300StairsQuaint Cottage35Quaint CottageHello there!32Hello there!Sailing the Seas35Sailing the SeasSelfie35SelfieRaking-Leaves6Raking-LeavesHome Sweet Home24Home Sweet HomeStare Down6Stare DownLittle House300Little HouseOwl Be Seeing You32Owl Be Seeing YouUp and Away35Up and Awayherwig-soviet-bus-stop60herwig-soviet-bus-stop