colorful dove35colorful dovepin-tailed whydah36pin-tailed whydahbeautiful sunbird36beautiful sunbirdafrican blue flycatcher35african blue flycatchergolden palm weaver36golden palm weaverlilac breasted roller35lilac breasted rollerwompoo fruit dove35wompoo fruit dovepink-headed fruit dove35pink-headed fruit doveflock of flamingos35flock of flamingossittin' pretty32sittin' prettydressed for success35dressed for successnever a still moment35never a still momentdinner time35dinner timecan't see my head for my tail feathers35can't see my head for my tail feathersclose quarters36close quarterscute couple35cute couplethere you are35there you aresittin' pretty35sittin' prettywelcome swallows35welcome swallowsamerican robin35american robin