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Harold Harvey, The new book, 192072Harold Harvey, The new book, 1920Albert Chevallier Tayler, The letter, 188870Albert Chevallier Tayler, The letter, 1888Norman Garstin, The Morning Lesson, 188263Norman Garstin, The Morning Lesson, 1882W.H Lippincott , Afternoom Tea, 188563W.H Lippincott , Afternoom Tea, 1885Harold Harvey, Coloured Wools, 191970Harold Harvey, Coloured Wools, 1919Harry Knight, The Embroideress56Harry Knight, The EmbroideressHarry Knight, Girl reading, 193263Harry Knight, Girl reading, 1932Picasso, woman with cat, 190056Picasso, woman with cat, 1900Herbert Badham, Breakfast piece, 193663Herbert Badham, Breakfast piece, 1936Antonio Donghi, Margherita, 193663Antonio Donghi, Margherita, 1936Dominique Amendola, Mimi and the cat80Dominique Amendola, Mimi and the catDominique Amendola, Mimi petting the cat,90Dominique Amendola, Mimi petting the cat,La dactylo fatiguée56La dactylo fatiguéeSegantini, Vanità, 189784Segantini, Vanità, 1897Giovanni Segantini, Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi, 1891 (detail)91Giovanni Segantini, Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi, 1891 (detail)André Mare, La Dactylo, 192270André Mare, La Dactylo, 1922Revisited, Rippl-Rónai, József, Woman with a Birdcage50Revisited, Rippl-Rónai, József, Woman with a BirdcageWoman reading48Woman readingAttribué à Pierre Allais, ca1740, detail63Attribué à Pierre Allais, ca1740, detailRosario Leotta, Femme lisant72Rosario Leotta, Femme lisant