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Café Dolly: Willumsen..., 2015, Fl91Café Dolly: Willumsen..., 2015, FlLuc Tuymans, Birds on a Feather, 201580Luc Tuymans, Birds on a Feather, 2015Banksy, Chaton à Gaza, 201580Banksy, Chaton à Gaza, 2015Francesco Majo, Convivialty, 201688Francesco Majo, Convivialty, 2016Christian Tagliavini, Mademoiselle Elisa, 201490Christian Tagliavini, Mademoiselle Elisa, 2014Sylvie du Plessis, sculptures70Sylvie du Plessis, sculpturesYoung woman tattooed, Strasbourg, 201588Young woman tattooed, Strasbourg, 2015Mode© JMV99Mode© JMVThe royal Ascot horse racing, 201290The royal Ascot horse racing, 2012Hat, French horse race,  201480Hat, French horse race, 2014Child on the beach, Marc Feron70Child on the beach, Marc FeronLa Baule © Jean-Michel Regoin88La Baule © Jean-Michel RegoinManon Delarue, dessinatrice77Manon Delarue, dessinatriceMaria Mendes96Maria MendesThe swimming pool, Kristian Gavoille90The swimming pool, Kristian GavoilleSissi Farassat, Behind VII, 201480Sissi Farassat, Behind VII, 2014Silvia Camporesi, Atlas Italiae, 201590Silvia Camporesi, Atlas Italiae, 2015Gordes © Claude Guillaumin80Gordes © Claude GuillauminParis, 2015 © Jim Sumkay80Paris, 2015 © Jim SumkaySwimming © Sylvain Theux70Swimming © Sylvain Theux