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57 results for 1950's
Words to specify: +fine +photo +color +art +painting +fashion +white +woman

Suzy Parker in Balenciaga by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 195163Suzy Parker in Balenciaga by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1951New York, 1953, Werner Bischof60New York, 1953, Werner BischofPilipili Mulongoy, sans Titre, 195563Pilipili Mulongoy, sans Titre, 1955Elliott Erwitt, Califonia kiss, 195648Elliott Erwitt, Califonia kiss, 1956Matisse, Cover book, 195280Matisse, Cover book, 1952Ludomir Skeńdziński, Autoportret, 195680Ludomir Skeńdziński, Autoportret, 1956Le Corbusier by Willy Rizzo, 195356Le Corbusier by Willy Rizzo, 1953Diego Rivera, La Rivière Juchitán, 1953-195588Diego Rivera, La Rivière Juchitán, 1953-1955Fred Herzog, Paris Café, 195980Fred Herzog, Paris Café, 1959Union Pacific Streamliner, Lounge Car, 1950's70Union Pacific Streamliner, Lounge Car, 1950'sAlain Fournier, Les Blainvillais, 195280Alain Fournier, Les Blainvillais, 1952Marin Marie, Blainvillais,  ca 1950.80Marin Marie, Blainvillais, ca 1950.School picture (1957-1958)80School picture (1957-1958)Peter Blume, Italian straw hat, 1952-388Peter Blume, Italian straw hat, 1952-3Black and white70Black and whiteHermann Max Pechstein, Kutter auf der Slip, 195480Hermann Max Pechstein, Kutter auf der Slip, 1954Beach Fashions, 1950's80Beach Fashions, 1950'sSummer Beach Fashions in 195080Summer Beach Fashions in 1950Hollywood, 195680Hollywood, 1956Elliott Erwitt, Californie, 195677Elliott Erwitt, Californie, 1956