Yen Ta Fo "Pink Noodle Soup"252Yen Ta Fo "Pink Noodle Soup"Seven scoops of frozen delight300Seven scoops of frozen delightCupcake fantasy (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)300Cupcake fantasy (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)Macarons (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)300Macarons (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)Fruit salad (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)300Fruit salad (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)Berries for the cake (credit: Andrey Serkin on Flickr)300Berries for the cake (credit: Andrey Serkin on Flickr)Technicolor sushi (credit: cherry bento on Flickr)252Technicolor sushi (credit: cherry bento on Flickr)Squash & Gourds (credit: Don3rdSE on Flickr)300Squash & Gourds (credit: Don3rdSE on Flickr)Autumn miniatures (credit: Vesi Koleva on Flickr)289Autumn miniatures (credit: Vesi Koleva on Flickr)Radish salad (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)300Radish salad (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)Vegetable caviar pasta (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)300Vegetable caviar pasta (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)Breakfast candy (credit: lisa miller on Flickr)289Breakfast candy (credit: lisa miller on Flickr)Tomatoes (credit: christinamoore34 on Flickr)300Tomatoes (credit: christinamoore34 on Flickr)Ramen (credit: Token-Bento on Flickr)300Ramen (credit: Token-Bento on Flickr)Sweets (credit: la cerise sur le gâteau on Flickr)300Sweets (credit: la cerise sur le gâteau on Flickr)Garlic steak sandwich300Garlic steak sandwichBBQ Lunch (credit: Vaughan Willis)300BBQ Lunch (credit: Vaughan Willis)Plums (credit: The Little Squirrel on Flickr)300Plums (credit: The Little Squirrel on Flickr)M&Ms (credit: jennawoodward on Flickr)300M&Ms (credit: jennawoodward on Flickr)Lamb Gyro (credit: marubozo on Flickr)300Lamb Gyro (credit: marubozo on Flickr)