Space chihuahua who won't roll out of bed for less than $2.5 million dollars a day. 250+ piece puzzles are life.

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food 30×
colorful 14×
color 13×
painting 10×
video game

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Yen Ta Fo "Pink Noodle Soup"252Yen Ta Fo "Pink Noodle Soup"Road Through the Painted Hills (credit: Cody Wilson)252Road Through the Painted Hills (credit: Cody Wilson)Twilight Sparkle the girl (credit: Sakimichan)221Twilight Sparkle the girl (credit: Sakimichan)Rarity the girl (credit: Sakimichan)255Rarity the girl (credit: Sakimichan)Rainbow Dash the girl (credit: Sakimichan)300Rainbow Dash the girl (credit: Sakimichan)Fluttershy the girl (credit: Sakimichan)300Fluttershy the girl (credit: Sakimichan)Seven scoops of frozen delight300Seven scoops of frozen delightRainbow yarn hanks (credit: yarn hanks (credit: fantasy (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)300Cupcake fantasy (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)Macarons (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)300Macarons (credit: Michael Stern on Flickr)


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