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Poppy and cornflowers24Poppy and cornflowersFlora and Fauna by John Francis24Flora and Fauna by John FrancisCistus ladaniferus var beta maculatus16Cistus ladaniferus var beta maculatusBaby-blue-eyes flower field20Baby-blue-eyes flower fieldVanda orchids24Vanda orchidsNasturtium spilling over fence20Nasturtium spilling over fenceWasp12WaspSiberian iris colours9Siberian iris coloursMonty Don's jewel garden20Monty Don's jewel gardenRosa Jude the Obscure12Rosa Jude the ObscureCreeping phlox20Creeping phloxEchinacea20EchinaceaColourful border20Colourful borderPretty rose20Pretty roseEarly spring15Early springSiberian iris16Siberian irisPoppies in the valley12Poppies in the valleyFritillaria imperialis - Lorestan, Iran15Fritillaria imperialis - Lorestan, IranCalas20CalasSpring at Lodhi Gardens - by Bahaar Jain24Spring at Lodhi Gardens - by Bahaar Jain