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Rainbow row of crayons150Rainbow row of crayonsColorful Glass Beads77Colorful Glass BeadsRainbow of bracelets154Rainbow of braceletsRainbow of bows154Rainbow of bowsColorful yarn on wicker140Colorful yarn on wickerGlass marbles120Glass marblesRainbow of fabric swatches70Rainbow of fabric swatchesRainbow collage100Rainbow collageBox of yarn80Box of yarnScads of colorful thread70Scads of colorful threadRainbow yarn strands80Rainbow yarn strandsColorful-glass-balls-carla-parris130Colorful-glass-balls-carla-parrisStacks of wool (yarn)150Stacks of wool (yarn)Rainbow of bottles128Rainbow of bottlesRows of colorful ribbon160Rows of colorful ribbonColorful selection of ribbons140Colorful selection of ribbonsThreads of many colors88Threads of many colorsRibbons of all colors120Ribbons of all colorsRainbow of ribbons96Rainbow of ribbonsHaight Ashbury168Haight Ashbury