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Mosaic Table in Greens198Mosaic Table in GreensGlass Orbs and Marbles160Glass Orbs and MarblesMosaic Glass Garden Globe204Mosaic Glass Garden GlobeBlown Glass Paperweights180Blown Glass PaperweightsMarbles in Glass Bowl on Grass150Marbles in Glass Bowl on GrassRainbow Glass Leaves Candelabra63Rainbow Glass Leaves CandelabraBright, Colorful Marbles99Bright, Colorful MarblesRainbow of tear-drop glass beads168Rainbow of tear-drop glass beadsMosaic gazing ball156Mosaic gazing ballMarbles77MarblesGlass Balls120Glass BallsBright marbles in white bowl81Bright marbles in white bowlColorful Glass Beads77Colorful Glass BeadsGlass marbles120Glass marblesColorful glass gazing balls70Colorful glass gazing ballsJar of marbles130Jar of marblesGlass marbles big and small70Glass marbles big and smallRainbow sea glass140Rainbow sea glassGlass marbles of all colors150Glass marbles of all colorsColorful-glass-balls-carla-parris130Colorful-glass-balls-carla-parris