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Wild Fox in Autumn88Wild Fox in AutumnFall Colors and Scarecrows108Fall Colors and ScarecrowsAutumn Carriage Ride70Autumn Carriage Ride12528-Cat-and-kitten-in-autumn-scene10012528-Cat-and-kitten-in-autumn-sceneNeuschwastein Castle in Autumn150Neuschwastein Castle in AutumnFall Fat Quarters180Fall Fat QuartersAutumn Lake Scene with Boats150Autumn Lake Scene with BoatsFall Kitty136Fall KittyFall cornucopia180Fall cornucopiaFall colors kitty170Fall colors kittyPumpkins and gourds150Pumpkins and gourdsPumpkins galore - Painting96Pumpkins galore - PaintingPaintinhg-Lovely Fall Scene110Paintinhg-Lovely Fall SceneHarvest Time Painting150Harvest Time PaintingFall Gardens120Fall GardensFall waterfall150Fall waterfallAutumn Horses in Colorado150Autumn Horses in ColoradoFall reflection150Fall reflectionFall Eiffel tower150Fall Eiffel towerAutumn tree colors160Autumn tree colors