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Words to specify: +skeins +wool +hanks +knit +yarn +granny +crochet +squares +square +balls

Primary Colors Rainbow Afghan120Primary Colors Rainbow AfghanYarn in a basket112Yarn in a basketBox of yarn80Box of yarnScads of colorful thread70Scads of colorful threadRainbow yarn strands80Rainbow yarn strandsRainbow Crochet108Rainbow CrochetStacks of wool (yarn)150Stacks of wool (yarn)A pile o'yarn!77A pile o'yarn!Yarn and flowers in a basket88Yarn and flowers in a basketThreads of many colors88Threads of many colorsStacks of balls of yarn91Stacks of balls of yarnYarn stacks130Yarn stacksStacks of yarn99Stacks of yarnBag o' yarn80Bag o' yarnHeather Yarns120Heather YarnsBalls of fabric yarn120Balls of fabric yarnStacks of yarn on the grass91Stacks of yarn on the grassShelf of yarn110Shelf of yarnBalls and skeins of yarn130Balls and skeins of yarnBig skein of yarn in a rainbow of colors120Big skein of yarn in a rainbow of colors