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Words to specify: +"still life" +cakes +sweets +pastries +italy +pasta +bread +chocolate +muffins +soup

Cake batter ice cream45Cake batter ice creamVol au vent di meringhe40Vol au vent di meringheValentine's day cupcakes42Valentine's day cupcakesValentine milkshake40Valentine milkshakeAutumn flowers fondants42Autumn flowers fondantsTorta orticello12Torta orticelloTorta nocciolata35Torta nocciolataBerry desserts40Berry dessertsSantorini Island cake15Santorini Island cakeChocolate cake35Chocolate cakeFrench onion soup42French onion soupZuccotto36ZuccottoPopcorn al cioccolato40Popcorn al cioccolatoDelizia48DeliziaTorta di carote e mandorle45Torta di carote e mandorleTartufi al cioccolato15Tartufi al cioccolatoBread still life40Bread still lifeChocolate ice cream15Chocolate ice creamUna buona merenda40Una buona merendaMandorle caramellate35Mandorle caramellate