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346 puzzles tagged christmas

12 days of Christmas!812 days of Christmas!8 maids a milking~~~~88 maids a milking~~~~8 maids a milking98 maids a milking8th day of christmas Santa68th day of christmas SantaAngel~6Angel~Kashmir Christmas ornaments16Kashmir Christmas ornamentsSeventh day of Christmas~~~6Seventh day of Christmas~~~Journey of the Wise Men10Journey of the Wise MenOn a sleigh with wheels!6On a sleigh with wheels!On the 7th day of Christmas10On the 7th day of Christmas7 swans a swimming~~~~97 swans a swimming~~~~6th day of Christmas~!96th day of Christmas~!Snowman celebrating6Snowman celebratingLighted beard8Lighted beardOrnament for sixth day~~12Ornament for sixth day~~Laying with a different meaning!6Laying with a different meaning!6 geese a laying66 geese a layingHappy 6th day of Christmas!6Happy 6th day of Christmas!5th day of Christmas!125th day of Christmas!Snowman on snowy hill8Snowman on snowy hill