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346 puzzles tagged christmas

White House Christmas more of a Halloween!!6White House Christmas more of a Halloween!!Santa, I've been good~~~9Santa, I've been good~~~La Befana~~4La Befana~~Twelve-drummers-drumming6Twelve-drummers-drumming12-drummers-drumming812-drummers-drummingOn the 12th day of Christmas6On the 12th day of ChristmasWise men's night~8Wise men's night~King Balthasar6King BalthasarKing Melchior6King MelchiorKing Gaspar6King Gaspar12 days of Christmas socks!!!912 days of Christmas socks!!!Santa deserves a rest~~~6Santa deserves a rest~~~On-the-11-th-day-of-christmas-my-true-love-sent-to-me6On-the-11-th-day-of-christmas-my-true-love-sent-to-me11 pipers piping!611 pipers piping!10th day ornament Santa610th day ornament Santa10 Lords a leaping!610 Lords a leaping!10th day of Christmas~~910th day of Christmas~~9 ladies dancing!99 ladies dancing!9 ladies dancing~!129 ladies dancing~!9th day of Christmas!99th day of Christmas!