animals 466×
beautiful 367×
potw 351×
trump 276×
christmas 250×
food 225×
cat 202×
trees 196×
white 192×
art 190×
the 190×
of 173×
in 154×
snow 147×
red 146×
and 143×
cats 141×
singer 140×
blue 136×
love 134×

190 puzzles tagged art

Last Supper made in salt!12Last Supper made in salt!Painted with chocolate syrup!12Painted with chocolate syrup!Vincente Muniz12Vincente MunizSketches by Leonardo for Last Supper15Sketches by Leonardo for Last SupperKitten and puppy art12Kitten and puppy artLeonardo's Crucifiction12Leonardo's CrucifictionDavid Copperfield16David CopperfieldHalloffame, by Chris Morris12Halloffame, by Chris MorrisNorman Rockwell painting!12Norman Rockwell painting!Alberto Giacometti Surrealist6Alberto Giacometti SurrealistJazz Trumpeter16Jazz TrumpeterJazz Saxophonist15Jazz SaxophonistJazz bassist!16Jazz bassist!Paper Boats~~~~9Paper Boats~~~~Loves-Judge-Judy!12Loves-Judge-Judy!At least he covered it up!12At least he covered it up!Pikachu-Saves-The-Day!!!16Pikachu-Saves-The-Day!!!Oh-The-Irony!!!24Oh-The-Irony!!!Getting-Over-Your-Ex!!!16Getting-Over-Your-Ex!!!Museum of Cycladic Art Greece contempoary15Museum of Cycladic Art Greece contempoary