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1076 puzzles tagged animals

Good night world6Good night worldFunny, very, but cruel~~6Funny, very, but cruel~~Their bucket list!!6Their bucket list!!Mine! I found it 1st!6Mine! I found it 1st!playing with the hose6playing with the hoseQuills in dog's face~OUCH!12Quills in dog's face~OUCH!AFTER: $10,000. vet bill!8AFTER: $10,000. vet bill!BEFORE: dog with quills8BEFORE: dog with quillsTeddy-the-porcupine8Teddy-the-porcupinePorcupine8PorcupineAnimals dislike being dressed up!!!6Animals dislike being dressed up!!!My own sleeping bag6My own sleeping bagNOT funny!!!!6NOT funny!!!!GUILTY???6GUILTY???What could be cuter than this?9What could be cuter than this?Half asleep~~~9Half asleep~~~She stopped cryin'9She stopped cryin'2 sleepy heads82 sleepy heads~~good night~~9~~good night~~All teeth12All teeth