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433 puzzles tagged animals

Museum of Natural History, Route de Malagnou15Museum of Natural History, Route de MalagnouSergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog of World War I~!12Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog of World War I~!I'm grumpy today!!!20I'm grumpy today!!!LOVE~!!!16LOVE~!!!Happy Spring to EVERYONE~!16Happy Spring to EVERYONE~!Purr, purr, purr!!9Purr, purr, purr!!Redneck dogpack15Redneck dogpackSpike!6Spike!Otters holding hands12Otters holding handsHugging my friend15Hugging my friendHungry for knowledge!16Hungry for knowledge!Peg leg Pug6Peg leg PugWell trained dogs15Well trained dogsAnimals, we can learn from them!15Animals, we can learn from them!INTERESTING!16INTERESTING!Love you, mommy16Love you, mommyTake it off!!!12Take it off!!!Bad hair day!15Bad hair day!MY PERSONAL TOP 10 PREHISTORIC CREATURES15MY PERSONAL TOP 10 PREHISTORIC CREATURESStork~!12Stork~!