Adorable Lab!15Adorable Lab!Labrador Retrievers are masters at planking!12Labrador Retrievers are masters at planking!3 beautiful dogs!153 beautiful dogs!I'm speaking to YOU!!12I'm speaking to YOU!!Literally, NO lap!9Literally, NO lap!It's me, is it you?15It's me, is it you?HUSKY, no more!16HUSKY, no more!Children~~~12Children~~~AWE! hungry dogs waiting~~~12AWE! hungry dogs waiting~~~YODA has perished!!12YODA has perished!!His face says, he'd do it again~~~16His face says, he'd do it again~~~Like father, like son~~~12Like father, like son~~~Big one!9Big one!BLUE16BLUEBig-Dog-Sandwich15Big-Dog-SandwichIt happens, every time!15It happens, every time!This-St-Bernard-Wants-that-Cookie-!15This-St-Bernard-Wants-that-Cookie-!Mastiff-Hug-!6Mastiff-Hug-!Patience is a virtue~~12Patience is a virtue~~Out the window-!12Out the window-!