!~moon wearing a veil~!12!~moon wearing a veil~!Lightning storm reflection~!15Lightning storm reflection~!☆~Pathworking 101~☆15☆~Pathworking 101~☆Moon over the Golden Gate Bridge~!15Moon over the Golden Gate Bridge~!~♥~ night fairy~full moon~♥~12~♥~ night fairy~full moon~♥~First People of America and Canada~!12First People of America and Canada~!*~*absolutely beautiful moon*~*12*~*absolutely beautiful moon*~*!~moon held by the clouds~! <12!~moon held by the clouds~! <!~~Gathering Moons~~! <12!~~Gathering Moons~~! <~~~Valley~~~12~~~Valley~~~Vulchurs waiting in the darkness~!12Vulchurs waiting in the darkness~!Moon bouncing along on clouds~!15Moon bouncing along on clouds~!Full moon and shooting stars~!12Full moon and shooting stars~!Fixing a broken moon~!12Fixing a broken moon~!Switzerland, architecture, full moon~!12Switzerland, architecture, full moon~!Winter sun shining on icebergs~!12Winter sun shining on icebergs~!Beautiful snow covered trees line Winter walkway~!12Beautiful snow covered trees line Winter walkway~!Full moon, wolf howling!15Full moon, wolf howling!!~Man in the Moon~!12!~Man in the Moon~!West bank of the Nile, Egypt~!15West bank of the Nile, Egypt~!