" Missing since 1991 "96" Missing since 1991 "The great northern hotel77The great northern hotelDouble R diner77Double R diner" The owls are not what they seem "72" The owls are not what they seem "Bob72BobCooper & Truman70Cooper & TrumanAudrey70AudreyTruman & Cooper70Truman & CooperMaddy & Donna at Harold's70Maddy & Donna at Harold'sLaura70LauraMaddy70MaddyLaura120LauraAudrey & Cooper70Audrey & CooperMaddy70MaddyTruman, Cooper, Jacoby70Truman, Cooper, JacobyLaura in black lodge70Laura in black lodgeSarah & Maddy70Sarah & MaddyDonna, Audrey, Shelly (magazine cover shoot 1990)80Donna, Audrey, Shelly (magazine cover shoot 1990)Andy tries taking pictures70Andy tries taking picturesLog lady70Log lady