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Palace in Pławniowice, Poland130Palace in Pławniowice, PolandSummertime in Gdańsk120Summertime in GdańskA beautiful sunset in Wrocław130A beautiful sunset in WrocławGdańsk shipyard120Gdańsk shipyardcrossing the Golden Gate in Gdańsk150crossing the Golden Gate in GdańskMotława River, Gdańsk in Poland120Motława River, Gdańsk in PolandArtus Court and King Neptune in autumn's Gdańsk120Artus Court and King Neptune in autumn's GdańskMount Śnieżka [Sněžka]/weather station/Poland/Czech Republic140Mount Śnieżka [Sněžka]/weather station/Poland/Czech RepublicFortress in Kłodzko/Poland130Fortress in Kłodzko/Poland