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Traditional ground coffee32Traditional ground coffeedog4medal35dog4medalSUNlit stairCASE45SUNlit stairCASEEmbraer KC-390 medium-weight military transport jet45Embraer KC-390 medium-weight military transport jetLion35Lion3x3323x3Red&Gold35Red&GoldRed Alert for the Wildlife in Africa45Red Alert for the Wildlife in AfricaReplica of the Red Baron in Świdnica, Poland35Replica of the Red Baron in Świdnica, PolandTelopea60Telopeafrothy bitterneSS35frothy bitterneSSWatch Out for Mother and Child35Watch Out for Mother and ChildDaisy/Włodzimierz  Kuklinski/80Daisy/Włodzimierz Kuklinski/Next Generation of Brazil!35Next Generation of Brazil!Where did Thumbelina disappear?32Where did Thumbelina disappear?Heavenly SwEEts35Heavenly SwEEtsHunter120HunterArctic Dream60Arctic DreamBleaching the coral as effect for too high temperatures45Bleaching the coral as effect for too high temperaturesSygnAturE48SygnAturE