How to Craft Your Own Quilts35How to Craft Your Own QuiltsHey ducklings! Beware of the fox!35Hey ducklings! Beware of the fox!Alien Queen35Alien QueenBudda6BuddaHere Lives the Spirit of Art60Here Lives the Spirit of ArtTeddy's Mood45Teddy's MoodBrown Eyed Girl98Brown Eyed GirlINside the stoNE48INside the stoNEPainted by Color and Water35Painted by Color and WaterDaisy/Włodzimierz  Kuklinski/80Daisy/Włodzimierz Kuklinski/Ready for Painting120Ready for PaintingHand Embroidered Inca Art35Hand Embroidered Inca ArtoFFice bUildIng60oFFice bUildIngSquares and flowers24Squares and flowersafter the rain120after the rainA story about a giraffe and children45A story about a giraffe and childrenScheherazade and Sultan in the image of Ferdinand Keller45Scheherazade and Sultan in the image of Ferdinand KellerPre-Columbian Art45Pre-Columbian ArtCockerels, Polish Easter Eggs45Cockerels, Polish Easter EggsEaster Bunny by Joanna Rusinek35Easter Bunny by Joanna Rusinek