art 763×
country 327×
winter 181×
folk 156×
summer 79×
christmas 68×
farm 53×
autumn 41×
colorful 36×
fantasy 22×
spring 22×
fall 20×
makeup 19×
cat 17×
halloween 16×
birds 15×
snow 14×
horses 12×
scenery 12×
seaside 12×

156 puzzles tagged folk

Holiday sleigh ride A140Holiday sleigh ride AHoliday sleigh ride A140Holiday sleigh ride AThe Life of Riley160The Life of RileyWinter160WinterOnce upon a time162Once upon a timeSeeking holiday treasures180Seeking holiday treasuresSunday160SundayPursuits of the past156Pursuits of the pastHappy shopping180Happy shoppingMothers day celebration156Mothers day celebrationBirthday-mayhem-jane-wooster-scott168Birthday-mayhem-jane-wooster-scottAn itch to hitch154An itch to hitchSigns of the times160Signs of the timesDown a country lane B180Down a country lane BAs the storm gathers156As the storm gathersCity by the golden gate B156City by the golden gate BBountiful harvest168Bountiful harvestFlights-of-fancy-jane-wooster-scott156Flights-of-fancy-jane-wooster-scottA lark in the park A156A lark in the park A1-nutcracker-fantasy-jane-wooster-scott1561-nutcracker-fantasy-jane-wooster-scott