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157 puzzles tagged mary

Colorful Madonna & Child12Colorful Madonna & ChildMadonna and Child Statue20Madonna and Child StatueMater Dolorosa Spanish Statue24Mater Dolorosa Spanish StatueOur Lady of Mount Caramel (Mosaic)24Our Lady of Mount Caramel (Mosaic)Annunciation Carving12Annunciation CarvingMadonna of the Doves24Madonna of the DovesOur Lady of the Holy Rosary30Our Lady of the Holy RosaryOur Sorrowful Mother20Our Sorrowful MotherOur Lady of Fatima24Our Lady of FatimaOur Lady of the Snows30Our Lady of the SnowsOur Lady of The Attonement24Our Lady of The AttonementMater Dolarosa12Mater DolarosaPresentation of Jesus in Temple20Presentation of Jesus in TemplePresentation of Baby Jesus in the Temple12Presentation of Baby Jesus in the TempleThe Presentation in the Temple42The Presentation in the TempleThe Three Wise Men12The Three Wise MenThe Nativity Scene24The Nativity SceneThe Immaculate Conception Feast Day December 820The Immaculate Conception Feast Day December 8Beautiful Statue of Queen Mary18Beautiful Statue of Queen MaryDecent of the Holy Ghost Stained Glass Window24Decent of the Holy Ghost Stained Glass Window