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mary 159×
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saint 75×
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baby 72×
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angel 55×
cute 53×
fall 40×
art 36×

367 puzzles tagged catholic

Gorgeous Old Mary Altar28Gorgeous Old Mary AltarArtistic Madonna and Child8Artistic Madonna and ChildColorful Madonna & Child12Colorful Madonna & ChildMadonna and Child Statue20Madonna and Child StatueMater Dolorosa Spanish Statue24Mater Dolorosa Spanish StatueSaint Patrick's Day Greeting Card15Saint Patrick's Day Greeting CardSaint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church28Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal ChurchSaint Patrick Statue28Saint Patrick StatueSaint Patrick24Saint PatrickSaint Joseph12Saint JosephNorwich Cathedral24Norwich Cathedral†Beautiful Church†15†Beautiful Church†Our Lady of Mount Caramel (Mosaic)24Our Lady of Mount Caramel (Mosaic)Annunciation Carving12Annunciation CarvingMadonna of the Doves24Madonna of the DovesEcce Agnus Dei6Ecce Agnus DeiThe Resurrection12The ResurrectionSaint Christopher24Saint ChristopherOur Lady of the Holy Rosary30Our Lady of the Holy RosaryThe Ascension24The Ascension