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Ernesto Rispoli-Amalfi300Ernesto Rispoli-AmalfiErnesto-Rispoli-Positano252Ernesto-Rispoli-PositanoErnesto Rispoli - Piazza Spagna- Roma252Ernesto Rispoli - Piazza Spagna- RomaLiudmila-Kondakova-Place du Tertre-Basilica Sacre Coeur252Liudmila-Kondakova-Place du Tertre-Basilica Sacre CoeurLiudmila Kondakova- Alamo square park252Liudmila Kondakova- Alamo square parkAdolf Eberle-Maid huntsman and dachshund family300Adolf Eberle-Maid huntsman and dachshund familyFigures by an Italian fountain-Arthur Trevor Haddon300Figures by an Italian fountain-Arthur Trevor HaddonOriental family by Simonsen289Oriental family by SimonsenView of a Dutch Street in Summer-Willem Koekkoek300View of a Dutch Street in Summer-Willem KoekkoekPaesaggio urbano invernale-Willem Koekkoek300Paesaggio urbano invernale-Willem KoekkoekFigure on a bridge -Willem Koekkoek300Figure on a bridge -Willem KoekkoekDutch street scene-Willem Koekkoek300Dutch street scene-Willem KoekkoekDutch Canal Scene-Willem Koekkoek300Dutch Canal Scene-Willem KoekkoekAmsterdam-Willem Koekkoek300Amsterdam-Willem KoekkoekAn Election Canvassing for Votes-William Hogarth300An Election Canvassing for Votes-William HogarthWillem Koekkoek-Winter in Enkhuizen300Willem Koekkoek-Winter in EnkhuizenScarlett Johansson165Scarlett JohanssonMurales120MuralesScarlett Johansson180Scarlett JohanssonChurch in the snow120Church in the snow