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Sunday Morning182Sunday MorningA Country House180A Country HouseRamsgate Sands - Life at the Seaside240Ramsgate Sands - Life at the SeasideAt the Window180At the WindowLast Day in the Old Hall208Last Day in the Old HallAt First Meeting210At First MeetingFirst Class208First ClassPegwell Bay216Pegwell BayIrkutsk209IrkutskEvening180EveningSummer221SummerA Gate in the Rocks180A Gate in the RocksApple Dumplings180Apple DumplingsDreams180DreamsConversation180ConversationCountess Nerina Pisani Volpi di Misurata180Countess Nerina Pisani Volpi di MisurataPortrait of a Lady180Portrait of a LadyFin du Souper209Fin du SouperA Cornish Idyll210A Cornish IdyllBetween the Tides180Between the Tides