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Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Odessa, Ukraine35Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Odessa, UkraineMoraine Lake, Canada35Moraine Lake, CanadaFacade35FacadePlumeria24PlumeriaPencil Cottage, Shanklin Old Village, Isle of Wight35Pencil Cottage, Shanklin Old Village, Isle of WightBeautiful flowers18Beautiful flowersFlowered patio35Flowered patioLavender24LavenderThatched cottage in Stratford, UK35Thatched cottage in Stratford, UKOrchids24OrchidsWooden house35Wooden houseIn Tatras, Poland35In Tatras, PolandNice bouquet20Nice bouquetGolden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan36Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, JapanCastle 220 - Matsue, Japan35Castle 220 - Matsue, JapanQuince flower24Quince flowerHouse in the street35House in the streetPath35PathPink daisy20Pink daisyWinter home35Winter home