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1710 puzzles tagged architecture

Sous le ciel de Paris35Sous le ciel de ParisQuaint little cottage35Quaint little cottageBy the front porch35By the front porchIn the dining room35In the dining roomPretty house35Pretty houseCastle 237 - Žleby, Czech Republic35Castle 237 - Žleby, Czech RepublicIn Trogir, Croatia35In Trogir, CroatiaWatermill in Fourges, France35Watermill in Fourges, FranceLakeside house32Lakeside houseNice house in the countryside35Nice house in the countrysideBench35BenchFujian Assembly Hall in Hội An, Vietnam35Fujian Assembly Hall in Hội An, VietnamWindow35WindowLovely house35Lovely houseCastle 236 - Hradek u Nechanic, Czech Republic35Castle 236 - Hradek u Nechanic, Czech RepublicSmall backyard garden35Small backyard gardenPretty cottage35Pretty cottageIn the garden35In the gardenIn Costa Nova, Portugal32In Costa Nova, PortugalHouse in Key West, FL35House in Key West, FL