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1368 puzzles tagged animals

Winter goldfinch house12Winter goldfinch houseLittle seal20Little sealHazel grouse12Hazel grouseSweet dreams!20Sweet dreams!Northern pygmy owl12Northern pygmy owlHippo24HippoSwan12SwanRunning in the snow21Running in the snowBirds in the bird feeder12Birds in the bird feederSquirrel24SquirrelSparrow12SparrowMountains goat20Mountains goatAnd who said that penguins don't fly?15And who said that penguins don't fly?Goat20GoatRooster12RoosterChristmas kitty24Christmas kittyRobin12RobinChristmas Day break12Christmas Day breakSleeping puppy20Sleeping puppyI'm waiting for my present, too!35I'm waiting for my present, too!