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Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan36Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, JapanGirl in the kimono35Girl in the kimonoJapanese cart35Japanese cartTraditional Japanese Art35Traditional Japanese ArtCastle 220 - Matsue, Japan35Castle 220 - Matsue, JapanCeramic dragon24Ceramic dragonCherry cake with hanami flowers12Cherry cake with hanami flowersJapanese macaque18Japanese macaqueJapanese carps12Japanese carpsQuince flower24Quince flowerBouquet of flowers 112Bouquet of flowers 1Bouquet of flowers 220Bouquet of flowers 2Bouquet of flowers 312Bouquet of flowers 3Bouquet of flowers 420Bouquet of flowers 4Bouquet of flowers 512Bouquet of flowers 5Bouquet of flowers 620Bouquet of flowers 6Bouquet of flowers 712Bouquet of flowers 7Bouquet of flowers 824Bouquet of flowers 8Bouquet of flowers 912Bouquet of flowers 9Bouquet of flowers 1020Bouquet of flowers 10