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THE HATEFUL EIGHT24THE HATEFUL EIGHTTHE MISSION25THE MISSIONENNIO MORRICONE24ENNIO MORRICONEONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST24ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WESTCINEMA PARADISO24CINEMA PARADISOONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA24ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICAA FISTFUL OF DOLLARS24A FISTFUL OF DOLLARSOSCAR-WINNING FILM MUSIC COMPOSER24OSCAR-WINNING FILM MUSIC COMPOSERFOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE24FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORETHE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY24THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLYColorful cottage in Fort Smith, AK35Colorful cottage in Fort Smith, AKTowards the setting sun32Towards the setting sunMobile ice cream parlor, Liverpool, UK35Mobile ice cream parlor, Liverpool, UKSummer in the mountains35Summer in the mountainsOn a summer day35On a summer daySnow White24Snow WhiteIce cream12Ice creamTogether20TogetherYellow warbler15Yellow warblerPeonies20Peonies