lulu 698×
digital 288×
colorful 252×
quilts 210×
abstract 206×
quilt 201×
fractal 194×
misc 125×
architecture 101×
cat 94×
animals 89×
colors 88×
contemporary 86×
fantasy 80×
rainbow 78×
mosaics 68×
folk-art 67×
mandala 66×
streets 65×
christmas 63×

68 puzzles tagged mosaics

saxophone Tottenham Court Road station96saxophone Tottenham Court Road stationRound ceiling mosaic Budapest Roth Miksa110Round ceiling mosaic Budapest Roth MiksaTalavera Blossom mosaic70Talavera Blossom mosaicWoman of the olive groves169Woman of the olive grovesShadows on the choir168Shadows on the choirLakeview Chapel MN180Lakeview Chapel MNPolymer Clay mosaic by geraldine newfry180Polymer Clay mosaic by geraldine newfryOutdoor Angels NYC160Outdoor Angels NYCAbstract Bird160Abstract BirdWoman in a scarf  photo mosaic168Woman in a scarf photo mosaicKeep Me Warm Julie Dilling180Keep Me Warm Julie DillingTapestry by Laurel Skye180Tapestry by Laurel SkyeMosaic detail inside Basilica in St Louis160Mosaic detail inside Basilica in St LouisNAS Galileo's Telescope mosaic144NAS Galileo's Telescope mosaicCinderella and the glass slipper160Cinderella and the glass slipperA Kiss on the Wind by Nikki Ella Whitlock160A Kiss on the Wind by Nikki Ella WhitlockColorful moroccan tile mosaic wall99Colorful moroccan tile mosaic wallFlower Mosaic in the Garden150Flower Mosaic in the GardenLouis Comfort Tiffany Mosaic Detail 2310160Louis Comfort Tiffany Mosaic Detail 2310Lakewood Cemetery Memorial Chapel 302150Lakewood Cemetery Memorial Chapel 302