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68 quebra-cabeças etiquetados mosaics

A Mosaic in Paris80A Mosaic in ParisTiled Tiles Duane Moore photo63Tiled Tiles Duane Moore photoSt Brigid's tree mosaic by Elaine Prunty70St Brigid's tree mosaic by Elaine PruntyAlice in wonderland mosaic70Alice in wonderland mosaicmosaic quilt70mosaic quiltchip off the old mosaic35chip off the old mosaicfour season by Leena Nio63four season by Leena NioRabbit hole80Rabbit holemother & child by Terry Nicholls80mother & child by Terry Nichollsbad hair daty by Irina Charny72bad hair daty by Irina Charnydetail from spirit of autumn Nikki Ella Whitlock70detail from spirit of autumn Nikki Ella Whitlocklast supper mosaic60last supper mosaicSweet Dreams stained glass on slate Terry Nicholls20Sweet Dreams stained glass on slate Terry Nichollswhat a wonderful night Leena Nio48what a wonderful night Leena NioEchos stained glass mosaic54Echos stained glass mosaicmorning mandala mosaic35morning mandala mosaicBarcelona night and day70Barcelona night and dayMosaic outside Glenbow Museum Calgary AB96Mosaic outside Glenbow Museum Calgary ABsummer garden mosaic35summer garden mosaicglass mosaic mandala36glass mosaic mandala