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architecture 98×
misc 82×
quilts 75×
contemporary 73×
digital 69×
mosaics 64×
quilt 64×
streets 62×
lulu 60×
folk-art 58×
fantasy 56×
glass 53×
animals 45×
church 44×
interiors 43×
transport 43×
art 42×
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car 41×

82 puzzels gelabeled misc

Set design by Ivan Bilibin80Set design by Ivan BilibinUntitled 0797 by Rex Ray35Untitled 0797 by Rex Rayumbrellas from Thailand60umbrellas from Thailandstraws40strawsAlternative tapestry70Alternative tapestryColors of embroidery thread80Colors of embroidery threadlunch at covent garden70lunch at covent gardenwhirlagig60whirlagigfans through a Seville shop window 270fans through a Seville shop window 2thankful harvest35thankful harvestUnity mandala72Unity mandalavisiting spirit mandala72visiting spirit mandalacolorful abstract shoes70colorful abstract shoesnot to put to fine a point in it35not to put to fine a point in itcrayons thread makeup and liquor80crayons thread makeup and liquorColors of thread56Colors of threadGuatemalan woven fabric88Guatemalan woven fabricrefletions70refletionscolorful autumn leaves and nuts35colorful autumn leaves and nutsdreaming in vivid colors70dreaming in vivid colors