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98 puzzles tagged geometric
Tags to specify: +"matt w moore" +"mark mckie" +lulu +symmetric

summer Sunday120summer Sundaybreaking point81breaking pointStreet Art108Street ArtButterfly Effect100Butterfly EffectOrigin72OriginPortuguese Tiles108Portuguese Tilesretro geometric neon lines70retro geometric neon linesInzngwaz Rune by Mike Wildt48Inzngwaz Rune by Mike Wildtflower petal quilt36flower petal quiltbaubles strip quit70baubles strip quitfour jigsaws with an angel72four jigsaws with an angelForm Follows Flow63Form Follows Flowrainbow geometric star by Beverley Taylor63rainbow geometric star by Beverley Taylortrust the universe81trust the universeAboriginal artwork by Sally Clark30Aboriginal artwork by Sally Clark4 jigsaws flowers squares hearts & stars484 jigsaws flowers squares hearts & starstriangles squares rectangles54triangles squares rectanglesgeometric one three five49geometric one three fiveangles triangles & squares56angles triangles & squaresvector one eight three a81vector one eight three a