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51 puzzles tagged folk-art

Shepgold by Heather Galler70Shepgold by Heather GallerHeirloom by Lindy Longhurst35Heirloom by Lindy LonghurstLehigh Valley train90Lehigh Valley trainCasa junto a canal acuarela by Kim Jacobs72Casa junto a canal acuarela by Kim JacobsMexican folk art print by Kerri Ambrosino80Mexican folk art print by Kerri AmbrosinoChurchill polar bears by Dowdle48Churchill polar bears by DowdleSolvang Eric Dowdle70Solvang Eric DowdleWinter in Germany 242Winter in Germany 2Folk art quilt close up70Folk art quilt close upVancouver by Eric Dowdle48Vancouver by Eric DowdleFolk Art Cat Painted by Gail Younts35Folk Art Cat Painted by Gail YountsBears bears bears by Jane Wooster Scott54Bears bears bears by Jane Wooster ScottAt the station by Joseph Burgess48At the station by Joseph BurgessPainting on a Costa Rican cart80Painting on a Costa Rican cartAmish by Joseph Burgess80Amish by Joseph BurgessBlues by Robert Finale63Blues by Robert FinaleA Victorian street80A Victorian streetperenial entrance42perenial entranceneighborhood charm unknown35neighborhood charm unknownHoliday Magic70Holiday Magic