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265 puzzles tagged colors

1656701656hearts hearts & more hearts108hearts hearts & more heartsretro geometric neon lines70retro geometric neon linesInzngwaz Rune by Mike Wildt48Inzngwaz Rune by Mike Wildtleftover ribbons30leftover ribbonstime is on my side36time is on my sideJump!81Jump!shady jars25shady jarsrainbow stripe balloon layer cake16rainbow stripe balloon layer cakemusicalsphere30musicalsphereBright Spiral24Bright SpiralM&M painted pumpkins20M&M painted pumpkinsflower petal quilt36flower petal quiltwhite rainbow socks36white rainbow sockscolorful strips35colorful stripsbaubles strip quit70baubles strip quitYosh!70Yosh!I just drank a rainbow20I just drank a rainbowcrying36cryingtime keeps on spinning into the future80time keeps on spinning into the future