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quilts 71×
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mosaics 64×
streets 61×
quilt 59×
fantasy 56×
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138 puzzles tagged colorful

Img 3018 by andreafromaustin90Img 3018 by andreafromaustinyo llama by Linda Israel36yo llama by Linda IsraelArt from the heart by K Madison Moore72Art from the heart by K Madison Moorerainbow owl by Rebecca Wang88rainbow owl by Rebecca WangCircus Julian Coche Mendoza63Circus Julian Coche MendozaI'm owl that and more42I'm owl that and morecolorized building 1290colorized building 12generated by Pierre Cante80generated by Pierre CanteCinco de mayo quilt77Cinco de mayo quiltpatchwork carpet70patchwork carpetTrippy painting63Trippy paintingvisiting spirit mandala72visiting spirit mandalacolorful abstract shoes70colorful abstract shoesI think these are necklaces70I think these are necklacesmixed media girl63mixed media girlface to face70face to facesoulful geometry63soulful geometrywhat a wonderful night Leena Nio48what a wonderful night Leena NioGraphing the universe63Graphing the universeShow you some love by Jet Martinez70Show you some love by Jet Martinez